Who Qualifies for Ehsaas Program 8171 Money? Eligibility, Registration, and Payments

The main goal of the Ehsaas Program 8171, which is run by the Government of Pakistan, is to help low-income people and keep their money safe. Because it helps so many people, this program gives monthly stipends to millions of people who need them.

Ehsaas Program Registration

There are several ways to get to the application process for the Ehsaas Program:

SMS register:

  • To start the register process, send your ID card number to 8171.
  • Wait for an SMS to ensure that you are eligible for the program.

8171 Websites:

  • Go to the web portal and enter your NIC and other necessary information to get to the registration form.
  • After submitting, you’ll get a confirmation message letting you know that you were registered.

Go to the EHSAAS Program Office:

  • Go to the Ehsaas program registration office closest to you with the appropriate paperwork, like your NIC, the B forms of your children, and, if you are a widow, the death certificate of your husband.
  • Get full information about how to register and whether you are eligible.

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Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas Program 8171

The program is aimed at supporting:

  • Low-income families earning less than 25 thousand per month
  • Women serving as the primary breadwinners
  • Students
  • Widows
  • Ehsaas kafalat beneficiary women

Once you are approved and enrolled, the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program will make sure that the stipend is deposited into your bank account every month.

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New Installment and Surveys

2024 Payment:

The 2024 payment of Rs. 9000 has been released for families who are already registered under the Ehsaas Program or the Benazir Income Support Program.

  • A New Survey for 2024 (NSER):
  • A new survey aims to re-register people who were previously thought to be unsuitable. • This survey aims to fix problems from the past and make sure that families who deserve help get it.
  • Fixing Problems With Not Receiving
  • People whose ID cards have expired must change their information to keep getting help.
  • Program staff will help eligible people who are having trouble registering or proving their eligibility.


The Ehsaas Program is an important way for people who need money to get it. You can check to see if you are eligible and finish the registration process by sending your ID card number to 8171 or using web sites and program offices. With a focus on including everyone, the program tries to make sure that families who deserve it get the help they need.

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