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The STS Portal, which is run by the Siba Testing Service (STS), gives people all over Pakistan exciting job possibilities. This article tells people who want to get jobs through the STS Portal about the most recent news, how to apply online, and other important information.

STS Announcements

Latest News: Use the STS Announcements area to stay up-to-date on important events. The portal keeps candidates up-to-date on different projects, including their titles, papers, due dates, and publication dates, so they are always in the know.

Shortlisted Candidates and Test Criteria: The STS Announcements section shows the shortlisted candidates for interviews and the test criteria for different jobs. This openness builds trust in the selection process and makes sure that candidates are ready for future tests.

Sr#Project TitleDocuments PDFLast DatePosted Date
1Test Criteria for the written test of different positions at the Drugs Court for Sindh office in Karachi, scheduled for August 06, 2023:View all Docs10-08-202303-08-2023
2Shortlisted Candidates for the interview for the position of EST_ English (Test conducted on Sunday, April 30, 2023).View all Docs17-08-202303-08-2023
3Test Criteria for the written test of different positions at the District & Sessions Court Tando Allahyar, scheduled for August 05, 2023:View all Docs10-08-202303-08-2023
4Test Criteria for the written test of different positions at the District & Sessions Court Sujawal, scheduled for August 05, 2023:View all Docs10-08-202303-08-2023
5Press Release_Graduation and Intermediate Categories ResultsView all Docs15-08-202307-08-2023

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STS Portal

The STS Portal has announced job vacancies through an online application process on People from all over Pakistan can now submit their application forms on this website. STS IBA Sukkur has launched a user-friendly web portal for job applications.

There are various positions available on the STS portal. To apply, please visit the advertisement section for the application form and the bank fee challan for job-related expenses. Both men and women are welcome to apply for STS jobs in 2023. You can find all the necessary information at Applying for a job at IBA Sukkur in 2023 is now a straightforward process. The SIBA Testing Service Portal offers a convenient platform for online testing at a good standard.

SR NoTitleLinks
1STS Candidate Portal LoginClick Here
2STS 5 to 15 SlipClick Here
3JEST SlipClick Here
4STS Test DateClick Here
5PST SlipClick Here

STS Portal Apply Online

  1. Explore Job Openings: STS Portal has posted a large number of job openings on its website ( No matter where they live, anyone in Pakistan looking for work can look at these positions.
  2. Making the online application process easier: Putting up the STS IBA Sukkur web portal has changed the way people apply for jobs. Aspiring candidates can now easily send in their application forms online, which makes the process quick and easy.
  3. Opportunities for Everyone: Both men and women can use the STS Portal to apply for a wide range of STS jobs in 2023. This makes sure that everyone has the same chances in all sectors and businesses.
  4. Advertisements and Fee Challan: Applicants can get the application form and bank fee challan for the jobs they want right from the website. This ease of access simplifies the application process, making it clear and easy.
  5. Easy Job Application for IBA Sukkur: In 2023, the STS Portal will make it easier for people to apply for jobs at IBA Sukkur. This change to the application process will make it easier for people who want to work at IBA Sukkur.

STS Portal Online

STS Apply Online

 Opportunities for teachers: In 2023, the Sindh School Education and Literacy Department is hiring for PST, JEST, SST, and DM jobs. Those who get the jobs will help with elementary and early schooling and get good pay and government benefits.

Continuous Recruitment: STS puts ads for teachers in national and local newspapers on a regular basis to show that it is committed to hiring skilled teachers. This consistency makes sure that talented people keep coming into the education industry.

Different requirements: Welcome! STS is looking for people with degrees like MA, BSc, BBA,, MS, M.phil, and Ph.D. to fill jobs in 2023. A wide range of skills, from engineering to law to IT, can lead to a number of different jobs.

STS Apply Online

STS Candidate Portal

  1. Stay up-to-date: Use the STS Candidate Portal to find out about new job openings and other news. Access helpful tools, like answer sheets, and keep track of how far along your application is.
  2. Joining the Portal: It’s easy to sign up for the Candidate Portal. Users who are new to the system have to give their national identity card number and create a password. The process is finished when you click the “Create Account” button, which gives you access to a world of possibilities.

Siba Testing Service Slip

The portal has now uploaded all the Roll Number Slips. For additional details, please get in touch at 071-5644200. Please note that the SIDA Testing Service currently has a restricted capacity. If you’re curious about becoming an AIPMT candidate, you might want to explore further information.

STS IBS Portal

Comprehensive Resources: The STS IBS Portal gives candidates everything they need in one place. The portal has everything you need to apply, from registration forms to test details and roll number slips.

Screenings and more: The site gives you important information to help you prepare for primary teacher screenings and other tests. Because it is easy to use, it is an essential tool for your trip.

STS IBS Portal

Applying for STS Jobs in 2023 Sindh

If you want to apply for the promising STS jobs in Sindh in 2023, here is a step-by-step plan to help you:

Are you already an STS candidate?

  • If you have already signed up to be an STS candidate, enter your CNIC number and password.
  • Type in your password, then click “Login” to see your candidate page.

First time using the STS Candidate Portal?

  • If you haven’t already, click “Create Account” on the STS Candidate Portal if you haven’t already.
  • This will show you how to set up your new account, making it easier for you to apply for jobs in the future.

How to Get Back Your Lost Password

  • There is a way to get back in if you are a registered user but have lost your password.
  • Click the “Forgot Password” button to start the process of getting your password back and getting back into your account.

How to Download STS Slip 2023?

  • To get your STS slip, just follow these simple steps:
  • Go to the real STS Portal.
  • Use your passwords to sign in to the account you already have.
  • Find the choice to download the slip and click on it.
  • Enter your CNIC number and application ID as asked.
  • Choose the “Download” choice to get your slip.

Contact Info STS

Feel free to reach out to STS between Monday and Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM, using the provided contact number and office details.

Contact Number:071-5644200
Address: IBA University, Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui Rd, Jaffria Cooperative Housing Society, Sukkur, Sindh


What is the STS Portal?

The STS Portal is run by Siba Testing Service and offers job opportunities across Pakistan.

How can people apply for jobs through the STS Portal?

People can apply online by visiting the website

How can candidates stay updated on important events?

They can use the STS Announcements section on the portal.

How can candidates download their STS slip for 2023?

Candidates can log in to their account on the STS Portal and download their slips by entering their CNIC number and application ID.


In conclusion, the article provides a comprehensive overview of the STS Portal operated by the Siba Testing Service (STS) and its role in offering job opportunities across Pakistan. The portal has streamlined the application process, making it convenient and accessible for individuals looking for various job positions.

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