8171 Ehsaas Web Portal New Registration Code for BISP Program New Update 2024

The Ehsaas Program, formerly known as Ehsaas Kafalat, is a flagship initiative launched by the PTI Government in Pakistan to provide financial aid to deserving and poor individuals and families. With the recent change of government, the program’s name has been updated to BISP (Benazir Income Support Program) with the new registration code 8171. This article will provide you with a complete guide on the updated 8171 Ehsaas Web Portal and how to check your eligibility for financial assistance.

8171 Ehsaas Program Web Portal

The Ehsaas Program 8171 Web Portal is an online platform that facilitates the registration process for individuals seeking financial support through the BISP program and Ehsaas 8171. The registration procedure is straightforward, and it allows eligible beneficiaries to receive financial assistance to meet their basic needs, such as food, healthcare, education, and more.

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Checking Your Eligibility on Ehsaas Program 8171 Web Portal:

To check your eligibility status for financial assistance through the Ehsaas Program 8171 Web Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the BISP 8171 Web Portal.
  2. If you remember your Form Number, enter it and find out your status.
  3. If you don’t remember your Form Number, provide your CNIC Number and Mobile Number.
  4. Type the image code displayed on the screen accurately.
  5. After submitting the required information, you will see your BISP 8171 registration status.

Key Features of Ehsaas Program 8171 Web Portal in 2024

The Ehsaas Program 8171 Web Portal offers a wide range of initiatives and interventions to address poverty and inequality in Pakistan. Some of the key features include:

  • Cash Transfer Programs: The Ehsaas Web Portal provides direct cash transfers through programs like Ehsaas Kafaalat, Ehsaas Amdan, and Ehsaas Emergency Cash to support vulnerable households in meeting their basic needs.
  • Social Protection Programs: Initiatives like Ehsaas Langar, Ehsaas Nashonuma, and Ehsaas Interest-Free Loans aim to provide safety nets for vulnerable populations, including children, pregnant and lactating women, and marginalized communities.
  • Education and Health Programs: The Ehsaas Program focuses on human capital development through programs like Ehsaas Education Stipends, Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarships, and Ehsaas Health Insurance to improve access to quality education and healthcare services.
  • Economic Empowerment Programs: Ehsaas Interest-Free Loans, Ehsaas Langar, and Ehsaas Amdan provide opportunities for entrepreneurship, skills development, and livelihood support, empowering marginalized communities to break the cycle of poverty.

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Withdrawing Ehsaas Cash from HBL ATM

To withdraw money from the HBL ATM for the Ehsaas program, follow these steps:

  1. Go to an HBL ATM and select the Urdu Language option.
  2. Press the Ehsaas Program button to withdraw Rs. 12,000.
  3. Enter the 13 digits of your CNIC number.
  4. Complete the biometric verification process by placing your thumb and fingers on the biometric machine.
  5. Collect your money from the ATM.

BISP 8171 2024

The Benazir Income Support Program, popularly known as BISP 8171, was introduced in Pakistan during the Bhutto era in 2008. This significant initiative aims to extend financial assistance to the vulnerable and impoverished segments of the country’s population. The program is aptly named after the late Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, and holds a noble mission of eradicating poverty and empowering women by providing them with a reliable income stream.

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