Step-by-Step Guide to Ehsaas Nashonuma Program Registration 2024

The Ehsaas Nashonuma Program is like a big helping hand for the littlest ones in Pakistan. It’s all about making sure babies and toddlers grow up healthy and strong. In this article, we’ll talk about how families can join this program and why it’s so important for the future of Pakistan.

Ehsaas Nashonuma Program Conditions:

This program is for pregnant moms, moms who are breastfeeding, and little ones under two years old. To join, moms need to be part of the BISP Kafalat Program and meet certain rules.

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Supporting Infants & Young Children:

The main idea of the Ehsaas Nashonuma Program is to take good care of babies. They want to make sure babies get good food, and healthcare, and learn things when they’re really small. This way, babies can grow up healthy and smart.

Supporting Infants & Young Children

The objective of the Benazir Nashonuma Program:

This program is super important for making sure Pakistan’s future is bright. Taking care of babies and young kids, it’s like building a strong base for the whole country’s success.

Registration Process:

To be part of this program, families need to visit the Nashonuma Center at the Tehsil District Central Hospital. They should bring important papers like women’s ID cards, kids’ Form B from NADRA, and vaccination cards.

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Assistance Offered upon Enrollment:

When moms join, they get money every three months during pregnancy. After the baby’s born, they get more money based on whether it’s a boy or a girl. This money helps with baby stuff and travel expenses. This helps keep going until the baby turns two.

Punjab’s Nashonuma Program:

In Punjab, they also run this program. Girls get Rs 2,500, and boys get Rs 2,000 in their first 1,000 days to help them grow and stay healthy.

Assistance Offered upon Enrollment

Registering for the Punjab Ehsaas Program:

To join in Punjab, families can send their ID number through a text message to 8171. If they meet the rules, they’ll get a message confirming their enrollment.

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The Ehsaas Nashonuma Program is a big deal for Pakistan’s youngest ones. Taking care of babies and moms, it’s like setting up a strong and healthy future for the whole country. Joining this program brings important help and support for the little ones in Pakistan.

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