Big News: New 2024 Update on BISP Payment Check via CNIC

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is there to help families facing money problems in Pakistan. It started in 2008 to give money to those who need it most. Imagine it like a safety net for families struggling because things cost more.

Eligibility Criteria for the BISP Program

To get help from BISP, there are some rules:

  • Your monthly income should be below 4000 PKR.
  • You should have less than 30% poverty in your life.
  • You can’t have a government job or big assets.
  • If you’re a widow aged 60-70 and haven’t traveled abroad, you might qualify.
  • If someone’s disabled, they might get help too.

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Verification Methods for BISP Payment

You can check your BISP support in two easy ways:

  1. Send your ID number to 8171 in a text. You’ll get a message back within 24 hours telling you about your registration and money.
  2. Go to the government’s website. Enter your ID number and phone details. It’ll show if you’re eligible and how much money you might receive.

BISP’s Impact and Evolving Strategies

At first, BISP was the main program to help people. But by 2020, other programs like Ehsaas started too. Still, BISP keeps helping families and promising to fight poverty.

BISP Payment Check

Accessing BISP Payment Check via Web Portal

If you’re waiting to know if you’re registered, text your ID number to 8171. You’ll get an email in a day with all the info you need.

It’s important to check if you got your money. You can go to a nearby BISP office or center to ask about your payment.


BISP is like a safety rope for many families in Pakistan. It gives hope and helps when things are tough. If you’re eligible, use these ways to check and get your deserved support.BISP keeps growing, making sure the neediest people get the help they need.

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