BISP Humqadam Program Registration Through New Code 8500 Latest Update 2024

BISP Humqadam Program 8500

Welcome to our website In this article, we will tell you about 8500 BISP Humqadam Program Registration. The Humqadam Program, part of the Benazir Income Support Program, is currently in progress. The registration process for the BISP program has been initiated to support those who require assistance.

To make sure that assistance reaches those who are closest and most in need, a unique code has been introduced to determine eligibility. You can use 8171 to verify eligibility or visit the official website of the Pakistan government.

Pakistan’s government has already provided substantial financial aid to the less fortunate, and now they’re expanding their efforts by opening registrations to reach even more individuals. They’re offering Rs. 12,000 to help fulfill people’s needs, particularly considering the impact of job losses caused by the ongoing situation.

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What Is the Humqadam Program?

The Humqadam program was initially introduced under the Ehsaas program, and now it has been renamed the BISP Humqadam program. The objective of this program is to provide financial assistance to the needy.

If you haven’t registered for the Humqadam program yet, you can visit the Income Support Program and complete your registration there. This initiative is specially designed for people with disabilities and transgender people.

Firstly, those who face challenges in meeting their needs and aspirations due to their circumstances need assistance. Secondly, the program starts to make sense when they receive support. Recognizing this, the government introduced the Humqadam program to provide aid, offering financial support of up to Rs 2000 to eligible individuals.

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Eligibility Criteria of the BISP Hamqadam Program 2024

  • Enroll and register your information with Nadra.
  • Ensure your record is updated and verified by Nadra.
  • Maintain a poverty score lower than 35%.
  • No other family member is engaged in a government job.
  • The family’s landholding is within two acres.

Hamqadam Program August Updates 2023

Hamqadam Program

The government has issued a significant update regarding the program. In 2024, there was a slight modification made to the program. You can now carry out your Hamqadam Program registration directly at the Benazir Income Support Program Office.

For your convenience, a specific day has been allocated for registration. If you’re interested in registering, you can do so on Saturdays. This registration is open for individuals who are transgender or have disabilities.

Humqadam Program Registration

Humqadam Program Objectives:

  • Improve Quality of Life: We strive to enhance the overall quality of life for people with disabilities, ensuring they have equal opportunities and access to essential services.
  • Enhance Social Participation: Our goal is to enhance the social engagement of individuals with disabilities in Punjab, creating more inclusive communities.
  • Decrease Dependency: We aim to reduce the reliance of individuals with disabilities on their social networks, empowering them to lead more independent and fulfilling lives.

How to Register for the Humqadam Program 2024?

Registering for the Humqadam Program is a straightforward process. Just follow these steps:

  • Click Online Registration: Start by clicking the ‘Online Registration‘ button on the program’s website.
  • Complete the Form: You’ll be directed to a form where you need to enter your National Identity Card (NIC) number and the code shown in the picture.
  • Check Eligibility: Once you submit the form, the system will check your eligibility.
  • Receive Monthly Aid: If you are eligible, you will start receiving Rs 2000 in financial assistance every month.

That’s it! Follow these steps to register and receive support through the Humqadam Program.

Who is eligible for the Humqadam Program?

To be eligible for the Ehsaas Humqadam Program, individuals must complete the following criteria:

  • Poverty Criteria: The poverty Proxy Means Test (PMT) should indicate a score of 30 or below based on the survey conducted by the National Socio-economic Registry (NSER).
  • Documentation: Special individuals must possess a B-form or CNIC card issued by NADRA.

Ehsaas Humkadam Program recognizes that people with disabilities have unique needs and require additional support. The program provides financial assistance of Rs 2000 per month to meet their needs and address health-related issues.

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